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Welcome Clifton Johnson III (undergraduate research volunteer, Department of Biology, BU), Emily Kraft (lab manager/research assistant), Jason Zeng and Danielle Beason (undergraduate work-study students, Department of Biology, BU) to our lab this summer/fall!

Welcome Katherine He and Sofia Guerra (BU RISE high school interns) to our lab! We also look forward to Jonathan Yoshihara joining us for research credits in the fall semester!


Tuan Leng Tay was a panellist at the tbh Conference "Career Real Talk for Researchers" organised by the German Scholars' Organisation.

Welcome Tina Chen (Undergraduate work-study student, Department of Biology, BU) to our lab!


Congratulations to Zoe Malone for winning the Summer 2022 UROP Award! Outstanding!


Welcome Zoe Malone (Undergraduate research student, Department of Biology, BU) to our lab!

Welcome Gerardo Sequen Rivera (Masters student, Department of Anatomy & Neurobiology, BUSM) to our lab!


Open position for postdoctoral researcher in computational biology or related fields. Click here for application details.



The Tay Lab has moved to Boston University and is affiliated with the Departments of Biology and Anatomy & Neurobiology.

Matteo Petrich got promoted to Team Leader at PharmaLex. Congrats!!


Ouzéna Bouadi successfully graduated from her Joint Master in Neuroscience programme with flying colours! Congrats!!

Matteo Petrich just got signed on as a project manager in a pharmaceutical company. Congrats!!


Matteo Petrich organised two online Career Workshops for graduate students and postdocs featuring guest speakers from the industry and NGOs. Read his post-event thoughts here .


Matteo Petrich defended his thesis for Master of Biology (Neurobiology) with flying colours. Congrats!!



Amritha Manjally successfully defends her thesis for Master of Neuroscience - Congrats!!

Dr. Tuan Leng Tay is now Associated Expert with the German Research Foundation (DFG) Research Training Group MeInBio-BioInMe (GRK 2344)


Matteo Petrich organised the first virtual AMA (ask me anything) for graduate students and postdocs featuring Prof. Marie-Ève Tremblay and Dr. Tuan Leng Tay


Guest speaker at Biological Colloquium - Dr. Giuseppe Locatelli, Theodor Kocher Institute, University of Bern



Meeting fellow Klaus Tschira Boost Fund Fellows and KlarText-Preis winners at the German Scholars Organisation e. V. Workshop (Berlin)

Welcome Ouzéna Bouadi (Joint Master in Neuroscience intern, Feb-Apr 2020) to our lab!

Welcome Matteo Petrich (Master of Biology intern) to our lab!


Tamara Ritter gets a job in the industry - Congrats!!

First Big Lab Meeting – wet lab meets dry lab | Welcome Vandana Shree Vedartham Srinivasan (Master of Neuroscience intern) and Patrick Campbell (Master of Neuroscience student) to our lab!

Presentation at FRIAS Kick-off Workshop (Titisee)


Guest speaker at Biological Colloquium - Dr. Franziska Denk, King’s College London

Launch of Frontiers in Immunology Special Collection - Understanding the Roles of Glia and Circulating Leukocytes in Neurodegenerative Diseases

Presentation at BrainLinks-BrainTools Annual Workshop (Freiburg)

Lab retreat – Project Management & Group Dynamics (Günterstal)


Won competition - Albert Ludwig University of Freiburg Research Innovation Fund (2019-2020)

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